Our History

Curtiembre Paris S.A. was founded in 1944 by Nathan Bzurovski, a man with polish origins, dedicating its first years of activity to the industrialization and commercialization in the national market.

Years later, his son Guillermo Bzurovski assumed the direction of the family business and his effort consolidated a company capable of achieving high standards production for bovine and ovine leather for the international market.

In its beginnings, the tannery processed bovine leather for shoe insoles. Later on, other lines were introduced, ovine leather for clothes manufacturing alowed the business expansion and reach the international markets.

In 1998 Curtiembre Paris S.A. acquires new lands and expands its factory premises, incorporating the machinery necessary to reactivate the bovine leather processing, which impulsed a great increase in the production.

Later the company continues the technological development, perfectioning its chrome free bovine leather production processes, this type of production is a differential character in the current market, being the company's main product in the present. Our products are exported to several countries in Europe, Asia and America.

The industrial property currently has more than 28,000 m2 of land in which more than 250 highly skilled and permanently trained employees work.

70 years of fructiferous activity and the constant technological development of its first quality leather producing processes, have made Curtiembre Paris S.A. one of the leading companies in this branch of activity in Uruguay.

The directory of Curtiembre Paris S.A., taking responsibility for the expansion and constantly seeking to improve its products quality and management, decided to implement a Quality Management system according with the ISO 9001 normative. This tool is adopted to improve the professionalism in the internal activities, go along with the newly incorporated technologies and strengthen the position that Curtiembre Paris S.A. has in the international leather market.

About Us


Be the leading tannery in Uruguay, recognized for its career, able to innovate and adapt to new trends in the international market while maintaining its commitment to quality, safety and the environment.


Produce high quality leathers, appreciated and recognized in the market, which are readily marketable, made through processes that respect labor and environmental regulations.

Quality Policy

CURTIEMBRE PARÍS is a company dedicated to international commercialization of manufactured leather from Uruguayan raw material; which maintains close ties with its customers and suppliers, meeting their high expectations and providing products that fulfil technical and legal applicable regulations.

Searching for our management system continuous improvement, we are committed to:

  • Our customer's satisfaction by providing products that fulfil legal, safety and quality requirements.

  • Establish strategic alliances with suppliers to improve product quality and optimize the use of resources.

  • Promote Cleaner Production strategies that favor efficient resources use and focus on environmental preservation.

  • Encourage a positive work environment for training, participation and commitment of our employees, for their own development and to learn, share and apply this Policy.

  • Direct the processes in order to obtain the expected profitability and ensure the company’s success.

  • MARCH 2016

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